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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Panchamrit Recipe for Pujas (Bhog) | Panchamrita Recipe | How to make Panchamrit?

I love the taste of Panchamrit,and i make it regularly.
Actually i like it more as it has my name "Amrita" meaning immortal.
Some people also call it Panchamrut / Panchamrita and even Charanamrit.
For more info on this Click What is Panchamrita?

In short it is the mix of 5 foods,and it is made as an offering (bhog) when you do an Abhishek.
Many Indian homes even serve Panchamrita on Diwali after the morning Puja.

Panchamrita can also be served as a Dessert adding fruits,coconut and dry fruits.

So for making Panchamrita at home all you need is an equal mix of

Holy Basic
Ghee(not shown in the pic but you will see it in the video)

View my you tube video How i make Panchamrit at home.

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