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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Peach Lemonade (peachy lemonade) | Refreshing Peach Lemonade

Here is an easy peach lemonade to refresh you on sunny days when you just need some yummy drinks to cool you off, I can have this all day long and I promise you as soon as you  take a sip you will be one happy person !
This is my must have drink to beat the heat in Dubai !
 To make 4 large glasses :
2 large yellow peaches peeled and cut
3 medium size lemons, juiced (remove the rind from 2 lemons)
6 tbs sugar or more it just depends on your taste
a pinch salt
Ice cubes to fill the pitcher
Water/ Peach fizz/ Soda to fill the glass

Start by boiling the peaches with the lemon rind and sugar with 3 cups water.
 Make sure you boil it on a medium flame, stir in between.

You will notice a syrup forming in about 5/7 min and the water will be reduced to about 1/1/2 cups.
 Strain the peaches not leaving any of the peachy goodness. Allow to cool for about 10 min.
 Once cooled add the syrup to your pitcher and fill with ice. Pour in the lemon juice and fill with soda, any flavoured fizz or water. I always like adding lemon slices in each glass for my guests, they look and taste all the more great like that.
That's it guys ! Drink away !

This was my glass of yummy peach lemonade to make me a very happy girl !

1 comment:

  1. we love everything peachy, color and taste, great sip for enjoying an afternoon...try our phokchas
    hope u like them :-)


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