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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Avacado Smoothie (Vietnamese Drink Recipe ) | Sin To Bo Recipe

I love smoothies and I'm always trying out new flavours as it is such a quick and delicious way to keep you full and happy !!
My favourite smoothie/shake before trying out this yummy avocado smoothie used to be strawberry banana and orange, but seriously after I got a taste of this rich and creamy smoothie I got hooked and guess what this is the 3rd time I'm making it in 2 weeks so so sooo good.
Somehow I never end up posting drink recipes but I just had to post  this mind blowing avocado shake/smoothie. The actual name of this drink is Sin To Bo and it is a very popular Vietnamese drink.
You can add soy milk if you want to skip diary and also skip the condensed milk and add honey, but I say try it just the way it is supposed to be made. What say?
Here's the yummy recipe you guys !
Oh ya ! 

All you need for 2 medium size glasses
A very ripe avocado
Sweetened condensed milk (more or less to your taste)
Ice 1 glass
Milk 1 glass
A tiny bit coconut milk (optional)
All you need to do is blend everything till smooth and creamy and you are done. You can add less milk if you want the smoothie to be thick.
There you go, so simple and totally sinful !

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