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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Simple Full Breakfast | What I Ate on New Year Morning

I know I am 21 days late for this new year post but better late than never right !
This is what we ate on new year morning, eggs, mushrooms, tomato and some fruit on the side made our day puuuurefect !!
This combo is a classic in my eyes and you cannot go wrong with something simple. Ever.

Use the best butter and free range organic eggs always ! Just saying !  

I served strawberry's and lightly whipped cream too as a special treat, try getting plain heavy whipping cream and add sugar to your taste, whipped cream tastes best when made fresh in your own kitchen.

In todays post there is no recipe as such, but these ingredient's are what you need to make a simple full breakfast.

# Mushrooms sautéed in butter, Italian herbs, pepper and salt.

#Tomato cut in circles lightly grilled with olive oil, sea salt and pepper.

#Chicken sausages steamed or boiled for 5 min, then cooked with olive oil to lightly brown on all sides. You an add some pepper if you like.

#Eggs beaten with a dash of cream, salt and pepper. Cook with butter and scramble.
Cheese (optional)

#Toasted Bread with butter and orange marmalade.

#Our drink was grapefruit and orange together.
Try making your own juice too it just takes a few extra minutes.

That's it guys now its done. I know this breakfast is nothing special or fancy but we sure did enjoy a quick and easy egg and sausage breakfast for our new year morning.

My darling likes to go for the strawberry's and cream first ! Cute !!

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