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Cooking videos in here
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Almond Cake/Loaf | Moist Almond Tea Cake

Try this moist and scrumptious tea cake and you will be hooked, the batter for this cake is very versatile too. I tried adding chocolate, rum and dry fruits last time and that turned out sinful, it went beautifully with ice cream.
I love this almond cake/loaf recipe all the more as the almond flour makes it taste nutty and rich, you can add any flavouring of your choice and experiment, I promise this cake will not fail you, pinky promise guys. Just make sure you bake with no fear in your mind and always expect the best results.
Make sure the egg and milk are at room temperature. 
Preheat oven to 180 c for 15 min.
You need :
1 egg that's it just one
1 cup self raising flour
l cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup melted butter
a pinch baking powder
1/2 cup milk or more if the mixture is too thick
2 tbs crushed whole almonds for a nutty bite
1 tbs vanilla essence or extract
Before you start boil about 2 cups water, use a small pan for boiling the water.
Use this to beat the eggs and sugar over the hot water to make it pale and fluffy.
Turn off the heat when you are beating the egg and sugar.
Dry mix
Mix the self raising flour, baking powder, almond flour and the crushed almond pieces.
Crack the egg and add the sugar to a large bowl, now give it a whisk with your electric whisk, beat on high and place the bowl on top of the hot water vessel.
Make sure you do not touch the bottom of the bowl to the hot water. The steam is enough to get a fluffy texture.


You will notice in pic 1. the egg is a bit frothy after beating on high speed for about a min.

In pic no 2. the egg and sugar has turned more frothy and a bit pale after beating on high speed for 3 min. This is a good sign. Keep beating on high.

After beating for 5 min you can see how pale and fluffy the mixture is in pic 3.
Beat on low now to set the mixture. At this stage add the melted butter.

Now add the dry mix little by little and cut with a wire whisk.

Last add in the milk and fold the mixture very gently.

I used a mini loaf tin for this cake, pour the mix into the tin by pouring the batter from a height to form ribbons, this will give you a light and moist cake.

Bake at 180 c for 30 min.
Cool on a wire rack then cut.

Now your done !

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