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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Easy Thai Ice Tea Recipe | Thai Tea Recipe

This is one of my favourite drinks to have during summer and I make it at least once a week to cool me and hubby off, and I always make a bit extra and  freeze it so I can have Thai Ice Tea Slush which is another one of my fav.

I prefer making the ice tea from scratch and not the store brought tea blend.
After trying out different versions of Thai tea I prefer this recipe and I stick to it.

Note : This is how I do it, it maybe not the authentic recipe, but it tastes exactly like you get it Thai restaurants.

Here's the easy recipe for the perfect Thai Ice Tea in your own kitchen.


         Don't you love the pretty swirls !!

 In 3 cups water add in some lemon grass, 1 cinnamon stick, few cardamom pods crushed and star anaise. Boil for 5 min.
 After 5 min add in 1 tsp of strong tea leaves, you can add more if you like it strong.
 Boil for 2/3 min max then add in 2/3 tbs sugar or adjust to your taste.
Now allow it to rest for an hour. By doing this you slowly infuse the tea flavour and you do not end up with overly bitter tea concentrate.
 Strain the mix and pout into a tall glass filled with ice, do not pour it completely.
Just about more than half a glass, the colour has to be a deep sunset golden.
 Now add in a little condensed milk.

And last add in evaporated milk, you can also add in regular milk but for the real Thai Ice Tea experience you need evaporated milk.

Check out the beautiful swirls then mix in with your straw and sip away.

Now your done, do try it out you guys !


  1. Wow this looks so pretty!has to taste fantastic too.

    1. It sure beats the heat Princy, do try it out.


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