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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shahi Tukre / Tukda (super yum Indian dessert)

Here is my way of making sinful shahi tukre. Hope you try it out guys !
 My way of making shahi tukre is a bit different, I just avoid soaking the fried bread slices in the reduced milk mixture ,the bread stays a bit crispy and soft in some places and some how I like the texture when it does not get mushy. 
Of course you can try both ways and see what you like !
Here's what you need for 4 slices :
2 cups full fat milk
1 tsp rose water
1/2 cup sugar or more to your taste
4 slices bread
Ghee for frying the bread
Finely cut almond and pistachios
Silver foil to decorate
There are 3 steps to make Shahi Tukre
Step 1 - Making the reduced milk or rabri
Start by boiling the milk on very low heat till the milk is reduced, use a saute pan and not a sauce pan for this. Adding a tsp of ghee before adding the milk helps coat the pan and the reduced milk wont stick at bottom.
Once the milk if reduced to half add the sugar, cardamom powder and the rose water.
Cook till thick and creamy for more 5/7 min or leave it in to a thick pouring constancy.
Keep covered until you use it.
Step 2 - Frying the bread
Now trim the bread from all four sides. You can cut them in squares or in a triangle shape.
If you are planning to serve them for a large group of people you can also cut the half cut triangle into mini triangles, they look so much cuter like that.
After trimming and cutting the bread slices fry them in ghee, I would suggest you stick to ghee and not oil for best results.
Fry till golden brown.
Step 3 - Assembling everything
Allow the bread to cool for 2/3 then spread the milk rabri on top.
If you want the bread to soaked then simply arrange the fried bread in a serving dish then pour the milk mixture on top and garnish with dry fruits and silver foil.
Chill a bit before serving.

Another way of making it is by adding condensed milk instead of sugar and also by dipping the fried bread slices in sugar syrup then pouring the rabdi on top.Both ways are equally delicious.
So if you have never tried this sinful Indian dessert try making it soon, you will love it.

Yummy homemade Shahi Tukre is ready to serve! Enjoy guys !

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