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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 31 May 2013

Blooming Garlic Bread with Cheese

Here is my sister Bittu's amazing recipe for blooming garlic bread with cheese and coriander, she made this to go along with pasta and soup and we were in love.
It is best to try out this recipe with one day old bread as it holds the shape better.
I promise you this will be a hit at your next pot luck or any gathering you are hosting, so do give this one a try you guys it is totally worth it. 
Here is what you need: 
1 large sour dough bread
4/6 garlic cloves
1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tbs melted butter
1 cup cheese
salt (optional)
Start by making even cuts on your bread, be gentle okay. I could never cut the bread so perfectly but Bittu is a pro and she did a great job.
Blend the olive oil, melted butter, coriander leaves and garlic to a paste. This yummy dressing can be stored and can be used to jazz up pasta, pour on soups, tossing veggies and even for grilling.
Once the dressing is done with a brush or using your hands try and get the mix into all sides and corners. You want each piece to have the garlic butter flavour.
Add in the grated cheese in the same manner.

Now cover the entire bread with foil and grill at 200 c for 5/ 7 min.

Then remove the foil and grill at 220 c for 10 min. Keep an eye as every oven is different.
What you want is the bread to get golden ,bubbly and cheesy. Yummmmm !!

All you do now is serve and enjoy your easy homemade pull apart cheesy coriander garlic bread.

It is the bomb, try it asap ! 

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  1. This is awesome, a must try bread.
    Thanks for sharing, look forward.


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