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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Spicy Prawn and Peas Pulao / Pilaf | Indian Style Prawns and Peas Rice

I always end up getting ill when ever there is a climate change, it gets pretty crazy in hormonal Dubai these days. The funny part is I never loose my appetite for anything tasty, even when I'm down with a fever, I know it sounds stupid right, but then that's how it goes with me.
This recipe can be made with chicken and lamb but the spices and pastes used in this recipe goes best with prawns, all those who cant handle the spice cut the chilies used for this dish but then are you guys that scared? Try it just how it is and tell me how it goes.

I made this for lunch and i was a happy girl, a meal full of flavour and yumminess !!!

All you need is
1 cup basmati rice soaked for an hour and boiled for 5/7 min with salt, tsp of ghee shah jeera and cardamom (drain and keep aside)
1 cup peas
1o medium size prawns
Spice paste (grind to a fine paste)
1/2 cup mint leaves
1 cup coriander leaves
1 onion
4 green chillis
1 heaped table spoon garam masala
5/8 garlic cloves and 1/2 inch ginger
1/4 cup raisins (not to miss)
2 tomatoes pureed with 4 cashew's
milk mixed with food colour (optional)
Ghee for cooking
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste

The beauty of this amazing prawns and peas rice is the mild sweetness of the raisins that blends beautifully with the spicy garam masala and green chili, I insist you please add in the raisins for that extra special taste.

Start by marinating the prawns with salt and turmeric powder. Allow to marinate while you prepare the spice paste.
So for the masala mix add in 2 tbs of ghee to a non stick pan and add the spice paste, make sure everything is ground to a smooth fine paste, saute the paste for 5/7 min till the raw smell goes.
Now add in the tomato puree, adding cashews to the tomato puree makes the dish get a rich flavour and also cuts down of the sourness of the tomato, add in 1 tsp of sugar and salt and saute till the oil separate's. Now add in the peas and mix after 5 min add the prawns.
Gently mix in the prawns and peas to coat well and add 1/2 cup water, cook for 2/3 min till the water dries up. Its ok if there is a little water left, it will dry up while cooking the pulao.
Do not overcook the prawns as they will continue cooking after adding the rice.

Now add in the cooked rice on top and then the milk mixed with food colour, cover with a tight lid and cook on low heat for 15 min

The tip to make any rice dish separate and not be sticky is to not open the lid as soon as you shut the flame. Always allow to stand 5 min and only then open the lid and mix in the rice.

Also keep in mind to never ever use a wooden spoon to mix any rice dish, especially a delicate dish like prawn pulao.
Use a large steel spoon so your grains are intact.

Now your done, Serve your Indian Style Prawns and Peas Rice with yogurt and some date chutney.
Hope you give this one a try.

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