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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Frozen Fruit Sandwich (guiltfree icecream) | 3 Ingredient Dessert Recipe

Try these tasty 3 ingredient frozen fruit sandwich instead of ice cream or for those days when you crave something sweet, banana is the base for this recipe, adding any other fruit puree or  berries of your choice is completely up to you.
I love how this recipe has no sugar too, this is totally guilt free and gets ready in no time. Try it asap!


Makes 6 sandwiches :
2 large bananas
1/2 cup blue berries
honey gram crackers

Cut the bananas and lay them on a plate, freeze them for 20 min.

Crush them, you can see how the texture gets in 2 crushes, yumm already !
This is how it will look after 4/5 crushes in your blender, they are getting a creamy ice-cream like texture.

Crush 2/3 times more and then you will get a smooth creamy texture just like ice-cream, but this one is without sugar, cream or milk, how cool is that guys ?
Add in the blue berries and crush till they get blended in. Now stop and work quickly.
Line a square or rectangle baking pan with foil and spread the mixture.

Cover it with foil and freeze for 2 hours.
I love honey gram crackers but of course you can use any flavour of your choice.

With the help of your gram cracker cut portions, work quickly so it wont melt.

Now all you do is assemble your frozen fruit sandwich.


Wrap them individually and freeze for later use.

Eat away, they are so yummy ! 3 ingredients are all you need for a healthy everyday dessert.


  1. Hi Amrita, just discovered your Blog, thanks for sharing your lovely recipes
    . I am enjoying going through your archives, a query on one of your older recp. Jaggery Bhakris- do you bake or pan-fry them? I had Bhakris in India, they were good.
    Thanks in advance and have great day,
    Mrs Singh, Malaysia

  2. Hello Mrs Singh,
    So glad you like the recipes, about the bhakris they are pan fried, I'm sure you can bake them too if you want to keep it a bit low cal. These bhakris are great to keep for snacking and they go fast so make a lot. Do try them out and let me know if you liked them. Good day.

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  6. Hai Good Day !!! yummy has never been this healthy Thank you :) personal chef in austin tx

  7. Brilliant recipes for children with gluten & lactose intolerance. Muaah. Great job Amrita. Love you.
    Pooja Guha Bansode


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