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Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

No Fry No Bake Chinese Chicken Wings | To Die for Chinese Chicken Wings

These Chinese chicken wings are my absolute favourite as there is no frying or baking involved, with a handful of ingredients you get a sticky, sweet and salty dish which is better than any restaurant I promise you, I dare you guys to try the tastiest Chinese chicken wings ever in your home kitchen.
It is the bomb !
Try sticking to the steps shown for best results, if you alter the ingredients there will be big change in taste as it can get too sweet or way too salty.

This recipe is for 10 large chicken wings :

3 tbs brown sugar

1/3 cup water

1/2 cup soy

3 tbs oyster sauce

1/2 cup sherry or cooking wine (I used sherry)

3 tbs rice vinegar

2 red chili slit

1 large cinnamon stick

2 large star anise

1 medium ginger roughly cut

Mix all the ingredients listed above.

You also need
1 tbs sesame oil
spring onion for garnish
sesame seeds for garnish
10 large chicken wings

For this recipe use a big nonstick pan, start by adding the oil and then lightly brown the chicken wings, do it in batches or else they wont brown.
Half way through the browning add the ginger pieces.Do not cut it fine or grate it.

Saute on a low heat till the chicken gets a light brown colour, not too dark,.

Now add in the glaze and allow to boil once, when you see the mix is boiling cover with a lid and keep the flame on low, cook for 15 min.

After 10/ 15 min the mix will thicken, check in between and cover if the chicken is yet to cook.

Once the wings cook, saute again and  cook without the lid, it will continue to thicken and get a glossy finish.You can continue cooking if you want it more sticky.

Now your done, sprinkle with sesame seeds and spring onions and serve these wings hot. Yes hot !

Serve with veggie noodles or just plain rice. They taste better even the next day, only if your lucky to have left overs.
When are you making the worlds best chicken wings?


  1. Wow! These look sooo droolicious and mouth-watering! I feel like having them right now!
    Ur clicks make it soooo tempting... :)

  2. Delicious recipe and seems very tempting. Thanks for this food guide.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Do try it out and let me know how it turned out.

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    Let’s get started with your love for food, which means your love for life, esp, “Sukhi Aloo Matar”.

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  4. Hello Hamida,
    I just checked my inbox for this recipe and found your message, kindly email me back so we can discuss how the postings work at your website.



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