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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Easy Breakfast Club Sandwich

I love bread who doesn't right ! A nice big sandwich for breakfast would be my ideal food of choice instead of oats, smoothies or Indian Breakfast dishes.
The night before I made this I dreamt of a yummy club sandwich, strangely I dream of food most of the time.
Obviously there was no bread as I don't keep white bread on weekdays at home , so I ran to spinneys and got the extra large super white sandwich bread. I would not make a club with brown bread. Ever.

Yes I could go out and just get a delicious club from out but noooo I like making my own, home made club sandwich's are the tastiest and I insist you all try this super simple turkey and egg club sammy in your very own kitchen.

It is the bomb guys !

Bacon is added in a classic club but I don't eat pork so I stuck to turkey ham.

 For 1 large sandwich you need
2 slices turkey ham, use more if you love your meat
1 egg (hard boiled)
1 large tomato
finely chopped lettuce
2 slices cheese
3 slices bread
2 tbs mayo
ground pepper
Toast the bread and apply butter on each slice immediately.
Make sure the bread is not too toasty. Just a little light brown is what we need.
Mix the lettuce with mayo and add pepper to taste.
Cut the boiled egg.
Now lets build our club, take a well buttered slice of bread and add the sliced turkey ham, little bit of mayo lettuce then add the sliced tomato.
Top with cheese, you can add pepper on top if you want. I did.

Then add another slice of buttered bread, add in the mayo lettuce, sliced boiled egg, a little sprinkling of salt and pepper, cheese then another slice of turkey ham.
Last add the last buttered bread slice. Almost ready guys !

Trim the sides and cut in fours.

Add a tooth pick in the middle so everything stays in place.

Now your done ! Eat away happily, I had a great morning after this.

Looks good?
Nom Nom !

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