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Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Indian Puja (Prasad) Recipes | South Indian Chickpea Salad | Chickpea Sandal

This is a Quick and Easy Chickpea Salad,made during Indian Festivals and also served for Pujas.
As many of you know i dont conduct pujas,so then this is a snack during tea time in my house.

Tip - dont stuff yourself with this dish,you might be bloated for many hours ! *smiles*

for 2

grated coconut
curry leaf
cumin 1 tsp
mustard seeds 1 tsp
chana daal 2 tsp
hing 1/2 tsp

pressure cook chick peas with turmeric and salt
leave to cool before tempering

saute all the spices and add in chickpeas,toss lightly
add grated coconut before serving
 Serve these and your guests will be pleased !

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