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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Homemade Pure Desi Ghee Recipe | Desi Ghee Step by Step Recipe

Finally i got myself to make ghee,i thought only my mama could do it,stupid me right ! I used butter,you may use cream if you wish...with a little patience you can make pure ghee in your very own kitchen....
I totally feel in love with the golden colour,and it tasted amazing ! give it shot if you havent,its so worth it !

Homemade Ghee Recipe | Making Clarified Butter at Home
my first time at making ghee

beautiful colour before it gets thick.

i used 400 gms unsalted butter

let the butter melt,and allow to cook for 15 min

keep a very slow flame

after 15 to 20 min  butter on top becomes transparent

ooo its gona be ready any time,you see the brown particles on the sides?
that means it ready ..turn off heat and DO NOT COOK FURTHER

all the brown particles which is milk solids settle down
strain into a glass jar when hot,it gets solid in no time !
do not cover for 1-2 hrs

and your done..
my first try, so i made just half a jar

all ready to use !


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