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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dassera Breakfast Thali | Dassera Recipes | Diwali Dishes

Happy Dassera everyone,to make my Dassera a bit more special i made a simple breakfast for Dassera today,i always believe in starting the day with great breakfast,and on festivals a simple and tasty platter is always welcome.

You may add more dishes,but i felt 3 is enough for breakfast.

So these are the dishes i made ~

Panch Phoran Alu

Methi puri

Suji Halwa

Almond Saffron Milk.

Not that this Indian Breakfast Thali Meal has to be eaten only on Dassera,you can make this for any festival and enjoy this tasty meal anytime.

Make sure to Chill the Saffron Milk a few hours before serving and the Suji Halwa has to be eaten hot.

Do try this Wonderful and Special Dassera Meal,you will love it.

Special Suji/Sooji Hawla for Festivals 
Worlds Best Sooji Halwa Recipe

How to make Panch Phoran Alu / Aloo?

All you do is add ghee in a pan,then splutter panch phoran,hing and salt and add boiled potatoes cook till half mashed and add 1 pinch sugar....cook 5 min more and your done.

No masala goes in this dish !!!!

Almond Saffron Milk Recipe

 For 2 glasses milk-crush 6 almonds 3 cardamom pods and 6 tsp sugar and add this to the milk also add in saffron strands....stir well and chill for 1 hr ...

Tasty Methi Puri / Poori Recipe

In a bowl add methi leaves (chopped),1/2 cup white flour,1/2 cup besan ,1/2 cup wheat flour ,1 tsp hing,pinch turmeric and 1/2 tsp red chili and salt to taste.

Bind all this making a stiff dough...stand time 20 min...then roll out puris.

All this takes less than an hour to make,many of you might wonder that the potato sabzi has no seasonings except the paanch phoran,but you have to try it.It is a lovely change from the usual sabzis we make.

Have a Great Dassera !!

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