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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kerala Style Curry Leaf Rice (Flavoured Rice Dishes)

Today i made 3 varieties of rice,Lemon,Curry Leaf and Tomato Rice for Homemade Kerala Veg Thali

This dish tastes best when the rice is cooked a few hours before,so cook your rice in the morning if your having this for lunch.

Mostly Curry Leaf Rice is made during gatherings for pujas and festivals.

Most of you also know the Health uses of Curry Leaf.So why not incorporate it in rice for a healthy dish.

Here is the recipe for Tasty Curry Leaf Rice
Temper mustard seeds,curry leaf and hing ,then add in chopped garlic and shallots,cook till soft,now add in the curry leaf pwd to taste and some salt.

Cook for 1 min and add cooked rice..Lightly toss in and your done ! Serve Hot

Curry Leaf Flavoured Rice is best eaten with papad and pickle.

Kerala Style Beans and Raw Banana Thoran (Onam / Vishu Recipe) | Raw Banana Thoran

This recipe is a quick Kerala Style Beans and Raw Banana side dish.
It is made during Onam and Vishu.Just make sure you garnish with grated coconut on top for the final touch.
To make this yummy Raw Banana and Beans Thoran
 chop the beans very fine,and cube the raw banana and keep in water until cooking...okie here's the recipe

temper the oil with mustard seeds,urad daal,chana daal,curry leaf,dried red chili,grated ginger and shallots cook till soft(make sure it does not brown)..

now add in the raw banana and coriander pwd along with red chili and turmeric pwd,cook 2 min then add the beans.

saute adding some salt then sprinkle some water and cook till soft ! to finish add a little grated coconut and then your done !

Kerala Style Olan for Onam / Vishu

Olan is a mild side dish which is served during the famous Kerala Festival Onam.

It is very quick to make and gives you a great aroma once done.

Olan is one of the dish that completes the Onam Sadya,so it is a must have on the Onam Menu List.

Give it a try you will love it.

To start-
Soak blackeyed peas overnight then pressure cook with salt till soft(not mushy)

boil yellow or white pumkin ,green chili with salt,once its a bit soft now add cooked blackeyed peas and boil for 2/3 min..please do not over boil it.

add in thick coconut milk and a little salt..keep the flame low.

in another pan heat oil,add mustard seeds and curry leaf and pour over the blackeyed its done..

Tip - do not over mix,and use fresh coconut milk for best results.

Now you have the Best Kerala Olan  ready.

Wish you all a Happy Onam / Vishu

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tasty Chole Paneer Recipe

serve with fulkas and yogurt
Chole Paneer that i make does not taste like the regular chole,i keep it mild and add more onion and garlic...
I have 2 recipes for chole -  Chole Puri and Tangy Chole...
for this recipe you need..
1 onions and 1 tomato grinded with ginger and green chili<<<blended paste
1 onion chopped fine
chopped garlic4 tbs
chole soaked overnight then pressure cooked  with salt and turmeric till soft
chole masala
ajwain and kasuri methi
paneer boiled in turmeric for 5 min...
lets cook !
in ghee add bay leaf and cardamom,then add the blended paste,cook for 5-10 min till light brown,now add in chole masala and cook 2 min,add cooked chickpeas and saute for a min then add 1/2 cup water,salt and the paneer- allow to boil for 5 min...
Tempering -add ghee and saute the chopped onion adding ajwain,chopped garlic and kasuri methi..cook till you get a nice aroma..pour over the boiling chole and paneer and cook covered for 5 min..
Garnish with coriander leaf and serve with onions!
And now your done !!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Egg White Scramble with Mushroom and Turkey | Turkey Sausage with Mushroom and Egg Whites

I never make a full english breakfast,thats something me and hubby enjoy eating once in 2 months on weekends from out...

Keeping the full english breakfast in mind,i make this dish which has sausage,eggs and mushrooms for brunch...Its great to get your energy going after a late night !

apple and kiwi juice - egg scramble - oat falkes and toast was our brunch today
  lets start
saute onion,mushroom and sausage in olive oil,add salt and pepper and cook

after the sausage and mushroom is cooked,beat eggs( i used only whites)adding salt
pour over the sausage and mushroom mix and cook on low heat,you can scramble or flip its your choice...
serve with buttery toast and have a great morning !

try it some day

Buttery Garlic Chili Popcorn Recipe | Fancy Pop Corn

Ooo my god i just loved this recipe,i saw it on tv and just had to try it,the host added some parmigiano reggiano  but i dint have any so i skipped that..

Plz try this Fancy Popcorn and impress yourself,its totally killer !

loved every bite
  once you start making your own popcorn you wont bother getting any from the store..i always keep corn kernels at home and make plain salted or butter popcorn ..but this recipe is my first and it blew my mind away ! Try to some day !
to make perfect pop corn,take a large heavy bottom pan
and add 3 to 4 tsp oil
1/2 cup corn kernels
do a test first,add 1 kernel and see if it pops then your oil is ready add the rest of the kernels and cover quickly,keep the flame wait for the popping to stop...

its done !
 now all you do is mix in melted butter - garlic pwd - onion flakes and red chili flakes.chopped coriander leaf(optional)..toss it all and serve !

Mushroom Pulao / Pilaf Recipe | Flavourful Mushroom Rice Cooked in Indian Spices

 When ever i make this Mushroom Pulao my husband says it reminds him of chicken pulao,you seriously will not miss a nice and Flavourful Chicken Pulao once you try this.

This pulao recipe is the best i have tried so far and with mushrooms and peas together it is a perfect match.

Easy and Flavourful Mushroom Pilaf / Pulao Recipe is below
do give it a try !

Start by boiling the peas with some salt..and chop the mushrooms..

For the masala paste-
blend 1 onion - ginger/garlic,green chili,cardamom,fennel seeds 1/2 tsp and some cumin seeds to a fine paste..

We also need-
bay leaf and pepper corns to temper the ghee (clarified butter)

pinch saffron mixed in milk

pulao masala 2/3 tsp..

First cook rice adding ghee and salt,then drain the water...allow to cool for 10 min before mixing in..

Lets cook
 - In ghee add the bay leaf,pepper corns and the masala paste,cook till light brown then add in the mushrooms and boiled peas.

Then add salt and pulao masala let it cook for 10 min,now add the saffron milk and cook another 5 min...gently fold in the rice.

Cover for 5/7 min before serving so the rice absorbs all the flavour..

It is ready now,to make this dish a hit try using good quality rice and saffron.

serve with some papad and pickle..
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Curd Rice Indian Comfort Food | Hotel Style Thair Sadam

Every one has their version of curd and rice also known as Thair Sadam,i do too.
This recipe is Hotel Style Thair Sadam
Do check it out and let me know what you think !
 you need..
tempering - 1tsp urad daal - 2 dried red chili  -1 tsp chana daal - grated ginger - curry leaf 6-8 - mustard seeds and hing..Optional - cashew and raisins
veg- i used frozen mix veg,peas,carrot,corn,beans and peas..
the proposition i use is for 1 cup cooked rice - 1 cup yogurt..
salt and sugar to taste..

To start,first mash the rice with some yogurt and salt...then make the tempering and cook the mix veg adding some water,let it turn soft but not mushy as the beauty of this dish is when the colours of the veg stand out...
add salt to this and 1 small pinch sugar(makes a huge difference)...

Once everything is cooked,shut of the gas and mix in the mashed rice and mix in..then just before serving mix in the rest of the yogurt and serve...

have this on a hot summer day,and stay cool !

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fish Shish Kebabs / Kabob Recipe | Tasty Fish Shish / Sheesh Kebabs

Fish Shish Kebabs / Kabobs

 To make Fish Shish Kebabs/Kabob

Start by steaming the fish in a microwave till soft and flaky...
also soak the wooden sticks in water so they dont burn while cooking..

For this recipe i used fresh tuna fish...
Spices -
after cooking the fish,run it in a chopper so they get combined,this helps with the binding
pepper crushed
crushed garlic 4 tbs
chopped coriander
red chili flakes
1 egg white
1/2 onion chopped
green chili chopped
garam masala 1 tsp

saute all the spices with the onion for 2/3 min
then mix in with the steamed fish,add salt and then the egg cover the mix and rest in the fridge for 20 min...after 20 min tightly bind it on top of the wooden stick and cook on a non stick till brown adding oil from time to time...once done,serve with onion and mint !!!

So yummy Fish Shish Kebabs are ready.

Pizza with Spinach and Cream Cheese| Spinach and Cream Cheese Pizza

Spinach Mini Pizza was our tea snack last evening..i always make pizzas with loads of veg but last evening it was just spinach and mushrooms ,and the taste was simply amazing.

This pizza topping is for cooks who are in a hurry and do not have time to make a sauce.
The spinach,mushroom and cream cheese together make a great combo and you wont miss the pizza sauce.
This is also a  great way to make fussy kids get some mushroom and spinach in their system.
 Here is the recipe for yummy pizza.

great for a party !

mini pizza base
cream cheese i use kiri
any shreaded cheese i use gouda

chop spinach and microwave for 1 min

you may use any seasoning..
im using garlic pwd
celery salt
italian seasoning
 It takes only 5 min to make the topping...Easy recipes = more time with Biju woo hoooo
saute mushrooms in olive oil and then add salt

add in spinach

all the herbs

for that creamy taste,i mix the cream cheese and the mushroom mix

all done

spread over the pizza base...
always add more you know what i mean right !

now microwave for 1 min

to finish off...
on a hot pan add in butter or oil and toast the base till brown

sent to kids lunch box recipes and Nithus Page

Chatpata Chana Chaat Snack | Homemade Chatpata Chana Chaat

Chatpata Chana Chaat is a perfect healthy snack,i never add too many chutneys to this,simple is how i like it.All you need is some crispy sev on top and your snack is done.
 Read on for the recipe...

todays tea snack

for biju

all you need is
lemon juice
green chili
red chili
cumin pwd
chaat masala

chana boiled with turmeric ,salt and hing

we also need
corriander leaves
spicy sev

first mix in all the spices with onion

add some lemon juice and keep aside for 5 min
the onion and the spices get mixed really well like this

then all u do is add the chana

check if the spice is right for u...
make sure its tangy,so if u want add in more chaat masala

serve immediately ! and munch away

Leftover Idli Batter Recipes | White Dhokla Safed / Khatta Dholka

I make this dish only when i have left over idly batter,now this recipe may seem a bit wrong to the gujju girlies,but this is how i make it and the taste is almost close to what they bad ha?
                                          give it a try and check out my way of making it !

step 1- i added 2 spoons of yogurt to the idly batter and a bit of ginger and green chilli paste to taste.Also 1 small pinch sugar and 1 or more tsp salt...mix it all..before steaming add 1 pinch baking soda...
 read on for the next step
pour the batter into a greased plate
Traditionally only pepper and cumin or red chili is sprinkled on this khatta dhokla...
For more added flavour you can add a mix of pepper,cumin,red chili and corriander leaves...
add the roasted cumin and coriander leaves on top
 Steam for 10 min or till a knife inserted comes out clean..
make sure you do not open the lid till about 10 min

 All ready !!!
all ready ! for tea

cut and serve with green chutney
 If you ever wonder what to do with leftover idli batter? You can try this.
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